Linda M. Godwin, Ph.D

Linda M. Godwin, Ph.D

NASA Astronaut

LINDA GODWIN'S HOMETOWN is Jackson, Missouri. She is married to Steven R. Nagel of Houston, Texas. They have two daughters. Dr. Godwin graduated from Jackson High School in Jackson, Missouri, received a bachelor of science degree in mathematics and physics from Southeast Missouri State, and a master of science degree and a doctorate in physics from the University of Missouri. While at the University of Missouri, she conducted research and authored and co-authored several scientific papers.

Dr. Godwin joined NASA in 1980 and served as a flight controller and payloads officer in Mission Control for several Shuttle flights prior to being selected as an astronaut candidate in 1985. A veteran of four shuttle flights, Dr. Godwin has logged over 915 hours in space. She flew in space as a mission specialist on STS-37 (1991), which deployed the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory. She was assigned to STS-59 as a payload commander. She then was a mission specialist on STS-76 in 1996 which docked to the Russian Space Station MIR.  STS-108, which launched in December of 2001, was Dr. Godwin’s fourth Space Shuttle mission. The mission carried the crew to the International Space Station, and she participated in a spacewalk.

Dr. Godwin’s technical assignments during her astronaut career have included working with flight software verification in the Shuttle Avionics Integration Laboratory (SAIL), and coordinating mission development activities for the Inertial Upper Stage (IUS), deployable payloads, and Spacelab missions.

She also has served as Chief of Astronaut Appearances, Chief of the Mission Development and Capcom Branches of the Astronaut Office, as the astronaut liaison to its Educational Working Group, Deputy Chief of the Astronaut Office, and as Acting Deputy Director, Flight Crew Operations Directorate.

Dr. Godwin is currently serving as the Assistant to the Director for Exploration, Flight Crew Operations Directorate, at the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

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